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I don't recieve my order

I was sceptical at first because I had purchased quite a lot of other hair growth serums with big promises. But this one was definitely different, having used Envilash consistently every night; my lashes look well-nourished and lush. The most amazing thing is how full they have become. I would definitely recommend.

My sisters and i have never bothered worrying about our eyebrows as we never really had long lashes anyway. After purchasing this product, it feels like we've got entirely new lashes fixed! It's been two months since we started using this eyelash growth serum and we now grow out really graceful and beautiful eyelashes. Really amazing stuff. Thank you Envilash!

Absolutely outstanding! I used to have very scanty eyelashes that made my eyes look really plain. In just six weeks of using Envilash, my lashes seem to be getting longer and fuller and I've noticed significant thickness too. I highly recommend this product.

I wish I bought this product sooner. I have tried quite a good number of eyelash serums with promises of growth in one week but it didn't take me long to realise that those were all marketing schemes. However, I've been using Envilash for a good while now and it never fails to disappoint. Full eyelashes within weeks of usage every single time!

This product has helped me replace all of my lash extensions. It's much easier now for me to just dab on my make up and go while keeping my full lashes without having to worry about fixing false lashes. I love it!

Envilash starts showing significant improvement in your eyelash growth in less than 1 month. With regular nightly applications, you will begin to notice fuller and thicker eyelashes.

Product is very attractive to the eye, came very well packaged and has a fair amount of product in it. It glides over my eyelids very easily and comfortably and it does not burn my eyes like other products I’ve used before.

I was pretty skeptical when I first tried this serum. But I made sure I was consistent and used it almost everyday. I’m thankful i did because after lash extensions ripped my natural lashes this helped make them fuller and longer!! I wasn’t sponsored so I am telling you guys: it works!

I used this for 6-8 weeks and my lashes look amazingly fuller and longer. I would have never thought this one simple product can bring this big change! I’m blown away!!

Perfect time piece for men

I bought two brown and black since 2018 and still serving it's cool purpose am impressed but sadly lost the black recently in metro bus I recommend everyone to go for it.

I used this for 6-8 weeks and my lashes look amazingly fuller and longer. I would have never thought this one simple product can bring this big change! I’m blown away!!

Excellent product, all in my family we use. Without exaggerating, this is the tenth time I buy this product. The seller super fast shipping the product. In 2 weeks he arrived in Chile

The product is miy good the second conpro I recommend if you wear it every day works lashes become thicker and longer. Highly recommended

In the case I did not try, if I do not forget, I will write the result.

The seller is fast in postage. I got the item on 6 working days to Scotland UK...and packaging is like the picture. I haven't use yet, but checked the water bobs is okay. Thanks!. Oh before i forget, this machine is not wireless. I will leave another feedback after use.

Placed an order on the 21st of July and received the item on the 28th of July to UK, very fast shipping. The item looks as shown and described exactly. Great product for the price. I tested the strength and it seems fine. It could've been more powerful but again it does the job for this price. Definitely recommend!! Thank you

Long went, 2 months. But I like the remedy, I do not take it for the first time

The product is according to the description, my last orders have arrived very fast and this one arrived in 28 days, which for Oaxaca, mexico is very fast. As for appearance and features these match the published, the English manual is simple but if you contact the seller send one is Spanish, it's not properly adapted but it's simple to understand. Regarding product effectiveness is too early to say, since depending on each person's body the results vary, so later I will be commenting on whether the results are good. The rating is to the product and service. Recommended.

It came to Me super fast, I didn't expect it! The box was a little hit but the product is intact, I'll leave you pictures. I already tried it on the Bikini and the armpits, I'll be writing soon if it worked out. As for the seller, I recommend 100% thank you!

Very happy, Thanks yalla shop !
I've been wearing Casio Pathfinder watches for 20 years at least. And paid as much as $500.00 for some of them. This watch may not have all the frills and gadgets, but for $35.00, I doubt I will ever order another Pathfinder again. I love the look of this watch. The simplicity. The Velcro strap watchband. The Indiglo backlight Timex is so famous for. And the exceptional time this watch keeps. Not to mention the exceptional good looks of the watch. Which in my Military opinion, looks very Military. You just can't beat this as an every day watch. Although the face of the watch is just slightly smaller than the pathfinder, not by much. It's very easy setting the date and time by pulling out the stem. I am very pleased with this watch and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a nice no frills watch. I took a picture side by side with a Casio Pathfinder just so you could see the size comparison. Likewise one on my wrist and of the Velcro band. Which is one of the better ideas to come along for this type watch.

Llego en buenas condiciones, gracias al vendedor, muy detallado todo, ahora a probar y ver los resultados, veremos y luego de un tiempo mandaré fotos del antes y el después. Me Encanta llevo dos meses con el producto y he tenido muy buenos resultados, muy buenoo recomiendo

The seller was very attentive to me. The product is in good condition not damaged. Cheerful

Everything is perfect, the dora depila depila features a sensor and only works in contact with the skin and is not very noisy